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UV Light System - Our team successfully completed the installation of two commercial UV light kits for a client. UV light kits are a great way to disinfect and sanitize a premise, but installing commercial UV lights is not a trivial task and they require careful installation and maintenance.

How UV Lights Help Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Commercial Property - You may think that UV lights are only used indoors to sterilize medical equipment, but in reality, some companies use them to improve the indoor air quality of their business.

Commercial businesses are one of the most susceptible to poor indoor air quality due to the fact that they typically have many occupants in one building.

Similarly, a high number of occupants means more bodily fluids being expelled and airborne particles being released into the air. This increases the risks of airborne diseases.

However, with UV lights, you can improve your space’s current conditions and help prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading around. At Certified HVAC, we can install a UV light in your commercial building.

Industries that use UV Lights:

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