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When it comes to Commercial Air Conditioning, many companies may claim that they can accommodate the needs of companies like yours, but in reality, they have no idea what they are getting into. The skillset and expertise when providing commercial support are much different from its residential counterpart, and partnering with a provider who doesn’t know the differences could be disastrous.

Whether it’s for a school, a hospital, a hotel, a shopping mall, municipality, governmental, retail store, sporting facility or an office building, smart companies know they can rely on Certified HVAC. In large and small companies, for common to unique applications, Certified HVAC has been providing successful air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for customers.

Core Competencies:

Any Service You Need, All In One Place

Whether you need help with installation, repairs, or maintenance, Certified HVAC has a solution for you. We are confident in our ability to support commercial air conditioning, and we can prove it. We can help you browse different products for installation, give you the pros and cons of each one, and finally actually install the equipment once you’ve locked it in.

We can diagnose issues with your current system and provide timely repairs when you are experiencing problems, and we can inspect and improve the performance of your AC through detail-oriented maintenance packages. Whatever you require, Certified HVAC is here to help!

Call Today To Learn More About Our Services

If you still aren’t sold on our ability to help you with commercial air conditioning in the Tri-County area, give us a call to find out how we can lend a hand. Train technicians can speak with you about our different services, and you don’t have to commit to anything at all! You can ask us questions and learn more about our offerings, and if you decide that you want something different, it all ends there! All you have to do is call us at 954-399-9010 to learn if we are a fit for you!

We’re Proud to be providing Commercial Air Conditioning In Pompano Beach and Tri-County area in South Florida. It’s our hometown and your comfort is our business. Contact us today.

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